LIFTEDkids Registration

If you are coming to LIFTED for the first time and would like for your child to attend LIFTEDkids, plan to arrive 15 minutes before service to register your child/children with us. 

You can fill out a registration form in the LIFTEDkids foyer or download the registration form here: LIFTEDkids Registration Form

The downloaded form can be filled out by simply typing into the form. Save the completed form to your computer and then email it to us at OR print the form at home and bring it to LIFTEDkids when you come to check in your child/children. 

LIFTEDkids Curriculum 
All of the lessons at LIFTEDkdis are paperless and are based on the same passage of scripture that Pastor Tuvai teaches in the main service. Lessons are designed so that you and your child/children can have meaningful conversations around Gods Word at home.  

LIFTEDkids Staff

Our staff of volunteers range from public school educators to youth who have a heart to serve. They each have a passion for Jesus and want to pass that passion on to the next generation. 


Biometrics Check-in System
LIFTEDkids uses a biometrics check-in system which requires parents/guardians to use their fingerprint to check-in and out their child.