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Pastor Tuvai Faatai

Pastor Tuvai Faatai has been a spiritual and social support in the local community, and internationally through his ministry experience at Calvary Chapel South Bay (CCSB) since 1985.  From coaching at a local public high school, praying for students and their families when called upon to officiate funeral services, serving as a chaplain to local law enforcement, blessing graduates at family celebrations, attending community events to pray for God’s blessing, helping unfortunate families who are in need, to standing before the impoverished in third world countries to offer them assistance.

Pastor Tuvai has a conviction to teach God’s Word, book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, and line by line.  God’s Word is the blueprint that Pastor Tuvai uses to lead the family of believers at LIFTED Fellowship, and on his weekly radio broadcast, The LIFTED Word. 

His Walk of Faith

Tuvai’s signature mark of faith is his solid faith when it came to trusting God for his long-awaited son.  When he and his wife got married in 1994,  God gave Pastor Tuvai a promise that he would receive a son from his wife’s womb.  For years, his wife sought out different ways for them to have a child. After 12 years of waiting, God sent a sign through a miscarriage in 2006.  His wife Diana was extremely devastated when the ultrasound confirmed the miscarriage. But Pastor Tuvai was overjoyed!  In his mind, God sent the sign that he had been waiting for.  His wife’s womb can carry a child!  Exactly one year later to the day, another ultrasound confirmed that there was indeed a baby in Diana’s womb! Not only is their long awaited baby alive and well today, but at 5 years old, he saw a need, overseas, to help children in need. And fulfilling that need evolved into what is now a non-profit organization that helps children, and families in need. 


Service Times

Sundays 9:30am & 11:15am
Wednesdays  7pm

LIFTED Men & LIFTED Women Bible Studies
2nd & 4th Monday  7pm

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